Data Protection Manager – DPM v3 New Features

Active Directory:

Active Directory will now appear as a resource to protect in DPM.


Support for Exchange 2010

Better support for mailbox level restores


File level backup and restore of files within guests

Recover to other Hyper-v nodes

Support of Live Migration clusters


Backup full SQL instances

Autodiscover of DBs within these instances


Support of new versions of Sharepoint and Office Server

Autodiscover of new content DBs on protected resources


Backup over VPN

Support of Windows 7

Ability to backup User Data only

Other Changes:

80TB per Server

100 Servers

1000 Clients

2000 DBs

Automatic resolution and rerunning of backup jobs

Refined error levels

Decreased Inconsitent Replica’s error

SAN based restoration without “Windows Level” copying

DPM v3 will only be installable on Windows Server 2008 x64

These features may change throughout the development process.

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