Evony – How to build second city


Build an additional city in Evony.


_ * 10,000 stone, lumber, food, iron, gold each. * A conquered Flat

Note:  Flats are plots of land around your starter city.  Just like the Forests/Deserts/Lakes that you may see.  You might have to scroll the map around to find one.)

Note:  You get these workers automatically from the Beginner Package.  You can claim the Beginner Package by clicking the small gift icon in the top left of the Evony screen while logged in.

When you’re ready to conquer a Flat near your city, try to find one that’s a level 1 or 2.  Be sure to Scout it first!  If there are enemy forces and you aren’t sure how many of your troops to send, you can test to see how many troops you’ll need to send by opening your Rally Spot -> click Exercise -> input the amount of defending forces -> input the amount of troops you’d like to attack with -> click Ok.   This will tell you how many troops you’d lose if you sent X amount.  You can lower or raise the amount and click Ok again within your Rally Spot.  It’s best practice to send the least amount of troops possible to conquer anything.  Doing so will increase the likelihood of receiving Medals, which you’ll need to increase rank/title.

Something else to note, which I didn’t find defined clearly anywhere:  Rank is good only for increasing your title.  You need Rank to get Title, and Title to build more cities.


1st City – Cvilian

2nd City – Knight

3rd City – Baronet

4th City – Baron

5th City – Viscount

6th City – Earl

7th City – Marquis

8th City – Duke

9th City – Furstin

10th City – Prinzessin


a. Civilian

b. Lieutenant

c. Captain

d. Major

e. Colonel

f. General