Exchange 2007 mailbox over quota and can’t figure out why? Check it out.

I ran into a user today who kept receiving a prompt in Outlook that her quota had been surpassed.  The Helpdesk looked at it and found that she had a huge amount of data in the Calendar folder within her mailbox.

It turns out she had a couple pesky recurring meetings which had attachments.  And it turned out she’d inadvertently duplicated said meetings.

So the combination of several years of weekly recurrence, two attachments, and duplicates caused the innocent meeting which was only a megabyte or two to cause her mailbox, and everyone invited to the meeting, to balloon to several gigabytes in size.

I located the problematic meetings by viewing the user’s calendar using MCFMAPI, however, I believe it could also be done by simply opening the user’s calendar, changing the view to All Appointments, and sorting by recurrence and meetings with attachments.  Then all it takes is to Send Cancellation on each “bad” meeting.