Facebook Chat using Pidgin


Pidgin is an excellent cross-platform instant messaging client that allows you to connect to pretty much all of the mainstream instant messaging protocols.

To connect to Facebook chat/messaging using Pidgin, you’ll need to set it up as an XMPP connection using these steps:

1. Create a new connection under Accounts -> Manage Accounts -> Add
2. The username is your Facebook username.

a. To find your Facebook username, simply navigate to your Facebook Profile page (not your News Feed/Home).  Your username is in the address bar.  It’s the part AFTER the http://facebook.com/ part.  So, for example, http://facebook.com/**USERNAME**

3. The domain is chat.facebook.com
4. Password is your standard Facebook password that you use to login to Facebook.com

5. On the Advanced tab, make sure the Connection Security dropdown menu is set to Require Encryption and the Connect Port is set to 5222.

6. Click Save - and you’re all set!