How to vote in Art Prize


Have a favorite piece of Art in Grand Rapids’ Art Prize?  Not sure how to cast a vote?  You’re in luck, there’s a variety of options this year!  Check it out:

How to vote

You decide who wins ArtPrize®. We think that’s pretty exciting.

Week 1 – All ArtistsVoters can vote up or vote down on any artist (only one vote per artist).

Week 2 – The Top 10Voters have ONE vote (no down votes) to cast for one of the Top 10.

What’s an “up” vote?

This is your basic “thumbs up” vote. The artists who receive the most up votes will advance into the Top 10.

What’s a “down” vote?

Down votes are used to help you track which pieces are generating the most discussion or controversy. A down vote does not negate an up vote. Down votes will only affect who enters the Top 10 if two artists are tied for up votes.

Voting options

All ArtPrize voting is online, but there are lots of options to make voting easy.


    Sign in. Search for the artist, or enter their five-digit number on the home page.

  • Text Message

    Vote by SMS text messaging if you register your mobile phone on

  • Mobile Browser

    You can vote on the spot with a mobile device. Sign in to and enter the artist’s 5-digit number into the box.

  • iPhone App

    Download the ArtPrize iPhone app from the iTunes store. Sign in and enter the artist’s five-digit number into the box.

Register & Activate to vote

You must register to vote and activate your voting status. Register online now, or in person at the event. You’ll need an individual email address.

Activate at a registration site, in person, at the event. You’ll need a government issued ID.

  • Register online from September 7 until October 5, 2011.
  • Activate your voting status at the event between September 21 and October 5, 2011.
  • Voting starts on September 21, 2011 at 6PM.
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