Hyper-V VLAN Tagging Issue

I ran into an issue with VLAN tagging on our Hyper-V server. We are attempting to utilize this as part of an overall cable management “new years resolution” of sorts. While the setup through Hyper-V’s management console appears to be straight-forward enough, after following several sets of instructions it was still not working.  We were unable to ping the gateway address of the VLANs we were testing with.

The issue was based off of the drivers we use on that network card (It’s an Intel Pro/1000 PT). After some reading through technet, I ran across this post:


The solution?  Modify VLAN filtering.  If your drivers don’t show that as an option in the advanced tab, modify the registry itself (at your own risk).

Search for 1000 PT in regedit, and modify any “VlanFiltering” keys to read 0 instead of 1.