Installing SugarCRM on Bluehost

Here’s my experience installing SugarCRM on Bluehost.

1 – Uploaded contents of SugarCRM CE after downloading it from Sugar’s site.

2 – Browsed to root of directory.

3 – Ran install.

4 – Failure occurred:  The session.save_path setting in your php configuration file (php.ini) is not set or is set to a folder which did not exist. You might need to set the save_path setting in php.ini or verify that the folder sets in save_path exist.

5 – Attempted to modify the PHP.ini settings with .htaccess.  This just seemed to break PHP in general in that subdirectory, so I abandoned that effort (I’m sure it was something simple).

6 – Umcommented/Modified the PHP.ini session.save_path setting to be /home/USERNAME/tmp

7 – This STILL made no difference, so I commented out the entire part of the /install/installSystemCheck.php file that checks these kinds of things.. that allowed the install, and I’ve had no issues since.

8 – Setup the DB and DB user, and proceeded on to the next step.  Attempted to use default settings, however I received “The provided database username and/or password is invalid, and a connection to the database could not be established. Please enter a valid user name and password. 1045: Access denied for user”

9 – Changed the server name to localhost, and completed the install.