Judgement Day – How to prepare your Evony account for the Rapture! Or vacation.

The end is nigh!  You wouldn’t want your Evony kingdom to go neglected while you’re off dodging fire and brimstone from the sky (or if you’re just going on vacation).  So use these handy tips to put your Evony account in “Vacation Mode” until you return (hopefully riding a cloud or perhaps a ray of sunshine).

First, there are a few prerequisites to entering Vacation Mode:

  1. All construction, recruitment, market sales, and troops must be ended/recalled.

  2. No outstanding attacks may be occurring.

  3. None of your troops may be away from your cities, nor alliance troops be in your cities

What Vacation Mode does:

  1. You will no longer gain or use resources.

  2. Your alliance will not be able to send troops to your city.  If they try, they will be returned-to-sender.

  3. You cannot be attacked.  However, if an attack was sent before Vacation Mode was enabled, it will still occur.

Here’s the rub.  It costs money.  10 “game cents” per day, for a minimum of 2 days.  Luckily, you shouldn’t need money after all world governments have been rendered meaningless by the second coming.

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