Microsoft Office 2007 Applications Open Slowly

A while back I had a user call complaining about Outlook 2007 taking forever to open. While this is a pretty common thing for a customer to call about, after offering remote assistance via ShowMyPC and fully prepping my Placebo Cannon, I found that her XP-based laptop was running totally fine… with the exception of all of her Microsoft¬†Office 2007¬†applications.

I trimmed down her running processes, did a quick bit of very basic OS optimization/maintenance, and rebooted. The symptoms persisted. When opening any file type which was associated with MS Office 2007, it would take at least 5-10 minutes to open the file. I’d eliminated that she was opening the documents from a network store, such as Microsoft SharePoint, or a file share on a server somewhere. These files were stored locally on her hard drive in various locations.

Nothing worse than trying to Google something which “opens slowly”. Googling anything that has no error message/code is never one of my most treasured pasttimes.

Well eventually I stumbled upon an article on:


After making this change, the file types the user was attempting to open launched in a matter of several seconds as opposed to several minutes.