iPhone 4S GPS constantly on

The GPS on the iPhone can get stuck on whenever an app is consistently requesting positional information. Here are two of the most common causes: Foursquare Radar iOS5 geofences for reminders Read our guide on solving this issue in less common scenarios here, which tells you how to locate the offending app

Download Media from iCloud on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod

  In order to wirelessly download all those purchased music, books, and vides from iTunes to your iPad/iPhone/iPod, launch iTunes then open the iTunes Store and click on the new Purchased link on the right side under Quick Links. You will see an icon to the right of your media that looks like a cloud with a down arrow. You can click that for any media you want to download or choose to download all below that.

Missing camera button on iOS 5 lock screen

After upgrading to iOS 5, if you’re having trouble finding the new camera button that’s supposed to be on the lock screen, it’s because you have to double click the home button in order for it to appear. Before: After:   If you enjoyed this guide – follow me on Twitter @dreys!

iPhone GPS stays on after upgrading to iOS 5

After upgrading to iOS 5, if your GPS is “stuck” on, open your Settings app -> Location Services. Within this menu, any app that is currently using your iPhone’s GPS will have a small purple arrow next to it. You can then end that app or disable Location Services for that individual app. When I ran into this problem, I initially thought it was that I’d enabled Find My iPhone during iOS 5 setup.

Can’t find iMessage in iOS 5?

  In case you missed the news, Apple released the brand new version of their iOS operating system for iPhone today around 1pm EST. But are you having trouble finding the iMessage app? Or having trouble enabling iMessage? Well, look no further. It’s actually just your regular old Messages app that you’ve always used for texting. iMessage will automatically send iMessages to the recipients who support it, and SMS texts to those who don’t.

How to enable Foursquare Radar on an iPhone

  After you update your iPhone to iOS 5, you can then update your Foursquare app via the App Store. The newest version of Foursquare includes Foursquare Radar. Foursquare Radar will “buzz” you via vibration or alert/push when you’re near a point-of-interest, or somewhere where you have a chunk of friends checked in (to let you know that you clearly weren’t invited to a suaré). To enable Foursquare Radar: Update your iPhone to iOS 5

How to enable iMessage

  To manually enable iMessage on your iPhone running iOS 5: Launch the Settings app Select the Messages menu Tap the “iMessage” slider to On That’s all there is to it! How does iMessage work anyway?!   If you enjoyed this guide – follow me on Twitter @dreys!

How to enable “deep Twitter integration” after installing iOS 5

  One of the nice new features of iOS 5 is its ability to “deeply-integrate” with Twitter. This allows you to do useful things like Tweet photos directly from the iPhone Photos app, and much more. To enable this integration, simply open up the Settings app on your iPhone, find the Twitter menu, open it and then sign in using your Twitter username/password. Once you’ve done this, launch your Photos app and Tweet a Photo at me!

Where’s Find My Friends on my iPhone?

  In case you’ve been away from the digital news-o-sphere, iOS 5 for Apple’s iPhone was released earlier today, with a plethora of new features. Finding some of those new apps and features, like iMessage, might be a bit tricky. But what about Find My Friends? Apple’s new Find My Friends app is located on the App Store. Simply search for it and install it, much like any normal app.

Backup SQL to a remote location with PowerShell and BITS

Recently I had to make sure I was getting backups of my many little SQL servers. In this case, I wanted to replace an old batch file I was using with something involving powershell. As always, it proved to be an extreme improvement in functionality. This script will loop through databases and start a transfer of whatever backup file is created, and then delete the backup once it’s been completed. It will also make sure the backup hasn’t been running too long, and inform you if it has.
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