Scrobble Turntable.FM to your Last.FM recently listened tracks


I’ve been loving Turntable.FM since I created my account a few weeks ago.  It seems great for discovering new music, or just using it as a set-and-forget music streaming service.

The primary reason I don’t use it more frequently is because it lacks the ability to Scrobble my recently-listened tracks to my Last.FM profile.  There are several reasons I love Scrobbling, namely for tracking my trends, and as a central location to make note of artists I stumble across that I like.

Fear not, it looks like this Gabek character has devised a Google Chrome extension to Scrobble your Turntable.FM tracks to Last.FM.

Requires: Google Chrome + TurntableScrobbler

To get it setup:

  1. Install the TurntableScrobbler in Google Chrome

  2. Click Continue

  3. Launch

  4. In the new Last.FM authorization tab that pops up – click Allow

  5. Refresh your Turntable.FM tab