Upload photos to Google+ from an iPhone


While it’s as easy as Instant Upload if you’re currently sporting an Android phone, unfortunately those of us with iPhones have to wait a little longer for the official Google+ app to be approved by Apple for the App Store.

Fortunately, there are some workarounds available to us while we wait.

One option is really as simple as finding any app that allows photo upload to Picasa (the service Google+ photos reside on).

While your mileage may vary when using third-party apps, some of the better choices for Picasa apps being tossed around are:

- Piconhand

Additionally, dead simple blogging service Posterous can be used to send photos to Picasa and some of your other favorite social networking services, as well.

Or use the Gmail/Picasa email uploader to email your photo to your Picasa account.

Do you have any other other preferred workarounds not listed above?  Share your Comments below!