Using the Blackberry Enterprise Transporter for BES Migration

I performed a migration from BES 4.1 to BES 5.0 recently, and an invaluable tool in this process was the Blackberry Enterprise Transporter, which is part of the Blackberry Enterprise Server Resource Kit, available here: The solution was almost not noticable for users.  Some BlackBerry’s required a reset, with a message stating that another policy had been put in place on the device.

A prerequisite for using this tool is that the server it is installed on has access to both BES management databases.

Step 1 – Create a user manifest file.

Step 2 – Setup the two database connections.  The transporter will save these configurations for use in the future.

Step 3 – Click Details and then click Find Users.  You can choose the users you would like to migrate, and the server you’d like to move them to in a database view, very reminiscent of access databases in table view, or the table view of SQL query results.

Step 4 – Click Preview.  This will show the expected results of the migrations.

Step 5 – Click Migrate, and the Console will display, showing you the actions the tool is taking.

Here are a few things I’ve noticed:

You’ll see deleted users in the source database.

You’ll see users in the source database after you’ve already successfully migrated them.

Good luck!